Playing on the computer may seem a little dull, but you will quickly find out that you can really enjoy playing this Atlantis Rising slot machine. This is one of the hottest slots games being played right now. The great thing about this machine is that it is not only fun to play, but it is also easy to understand and play. You will find out soon enough why so many people are enjoying this slot machine. It is one of the best slot games available today.

Play Atlantis Rising and have fun under the ocean and experience a whole world of excitement. The beautifully painted graphics will easily attract you to learn more about this exciting slot game. The four gigantic bubbles that move up and down with every spin provide the players with more opportunities to earn big bucks. You will find that the special features of this casino game are the reason why people are enjoying this game so much.

The Atlantis rising special features consist of a four-story rotating world map, a tower defense game with a 100% money back guarantee, a slot machine with “hot” winning combination, as well as other bonus games. In addition, you will be delighted by the huge payouts of the winnings you receive from the slot game. The actual slots themselves are visually exciting and provide a wonderful casino experience with their bright lights and music. When you play the game, you will find that all of the elements of the game mesh together beautifully to give you an exciting gaming experience. You will not only enjoy the game itself, but you will be thrilled by all of the terrific features this slot machine has to offer.

If you love the ocean, then you will love playing with the land based wildlife simulation called Wild Blast. In this game, you can feed fish to the sharks in order to increase the amount of money that you earn as well as the types of fish that you can have as pets. If you like underwater creatures, then you will definitely want to play the underwater version of the game called Underwater Megabot. This version includes an array of sea creatures that include lobsters, crabs, and stingrays.

As if you do not have enough slots to keep you occupied while at work, you may want to try the bonus features of the Atlantis Rising video slot game. This exciting game offers you the chance to earn double the money you normally would by just simply winning a single slot. Moreover, you will also get double the amount of coins inserted when you win a slot and double the bonus points for using specific coins in conjunction with others in a single transaction. When you win, you will be treated to a feast of wonderful bonuses including a dinner cruise for two complete with live entertainment that will certainly leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. You will also be treated to a special free spin where you can select the number of spins on each game that you wish to take part in and how many free spins you would like to participate in before you would be eliminated from the game.

Atlantis Rising incorporates many popular casino slot features into its exciting game play including a special slot reel that allows you to win big in case you are betting small. The game also features a special symbol that is used in a spinning wheel that will change the color of your reels. This symbol is called the Cross on a Tube and is exclusive to the video slot game. Another symbol used is the Eye symbol that resembles a cross. When you see this symbol and spin the reels, a special picture of a diver appears on your screen which may cause you to win more than normal.

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