Dead Or Alive 2 is the follow up to the popular Japanese role-playing game Dead Or Alive. The new game in the series features all the same great action packed gameplay from the original. However, the improvements on the series make this game an improved version of its predecessors. If you enjoyed the first game, then this one is definitely for you.

One of the things that Dead Or Alive 2 features is a free spinning mechanic. In the original, you would have to save the characters by having them stand still while you shot the clock. The action is slow and sometimes you have to wait for several seconds before you get to see any movement at all. With the new free-spinning feature, it seems like you get to have a bit more fun with this game.

Another great thing about the game is that you now get to have your own rations. You can buy six, eight or ten rations for each character. This helps make the game feel more like an actual survival story as you have to hunt down food and keep the characters fed. As you play through the game, you earn money for every scene that you are in and you can use that money to buy special items for your characters. The money can eventually help you buy items that would otherwise be very expensive.

Another thing that you can buy with your money is a brand new skill system. You can now buy gunite skills for your characters, which allow them to deal out more damage and inflict more status effects. It adds some more strategy to the game as you can try to see which characters can do well against a particular enemy and which ones need to rely on their pet rations to last through a fight. Each of these new skills also come with a free spinning time to help you get familiar with them.

The third feature that you can buy with your Dead or Alive 2 money is the infamous reels. Although these can be annoying at times, they are essential to Dead Or Alive’s combat. These reels help you keep track of your inventory so that you know how much you have left so that you can save before you run out of anything or before you have to fight an enemy.

The final free spin that you can buy is the Wild Counter. This is basically a special gauge that will help you know where you stand against the enemies in the game. The higher the number that you have on the gauge, the better off you are going to be as you want to fight enemies that are close to you while you are trying to get to the back. You can buy the Wild Counter after you have gained access to all the other upgrades that you can gain access to.

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